A quick hello from me.


It's a strange thing, going into business for yourself. There are nerves, excitement, doubts and fears. I do though, have to be honest. I didn't really feel any of the negative stuff. I was just excited. excited to get women into these skirts. I absolutely understood the need for them.

I designed these skirts AS A CUSTOMER.

I was sick of chaffing. I was fed up with 3 waistbands. (Undies, booty shorts and then the skirt).  I hated never having pockets (To be fair, who doesn't love a good pocket?) and I was DEFINATELY sick of buying a lovely skirt and then having to buy shapewear to wear under it to stop my legs rubbing together.

I have had incredible feedback these last 12 months and I'm not ashamed to say that on more than one occasion, the feedback has made me tear up.

Women who haven't worn skirts for years are back in them. Young girls who generally wear a G-String under a skirt are loving that they can still wear their favourite G-String but now have the privacy of our built-in shorts.

Teachers, what can I say about Teachers? For the teachers who have found Nellie's Lane, the feedback has been so fantastic. 

All in all, I just wanted to say thank you. If you have been a customer over the last 12 months, THANK YOU for trusting our product and thank you for letting me know how they have made you feel.

The team at Nellie's Lane will continue to design gorgeous skirts with built in shorts and deep pockets as long as you all continue to love them.

So much love.

Lauren & The Nellie Team.







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