A call from Texas

Hello Nellie Family,

March has almost gone alreasy I have spent the first part of this year working on a new product to add to our "comfortable fashion" collection. I can't wait to have the final product here to show you all.

In the meantime, I'd like to tell you a story from a customer. I can't repost it as it was actually a call from Brownfield Texas. Yes, Nellie's Lane has made it all the way to Texas. 

With Lisa's permission I can tell you that she is a curvy girl with thick thighs.

My lovely customer Lisa, called me and the conversation went like this.

"I went to Church today in my Summer Sunshine. Our church is one where we get up and sing and dance. I was so comfortable, my legs weren't chaffing. Arriving home after Church I decided to do some gardening. 2 hours into the gardening, I realised I was still in my "good" skirt. THAT'S how comfortable I was. I forgot I was even wearing it"


What a wonderful call to receive. 

Have a great week guys and don't forget, you CAN be comfortable AND fashionable at the same time.

L x

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